Saturday, January 1, 2011

This a post about Christmas

(Could we rob ourselves of a Christmas post? Of course not, dear fellows)

I have to admit it... I didn't remember any remarkable 90s original song about Christmas, Santas, reindeers, unwearable sweaters from your favourite auntie...
So there went my investigation.
And I discovered that Low recorded some "Christmas e.p." in 1999 ("Just like Christmas", "Taking down the tree" ), The Wedding Present boast a song called "No Christmas", The Flaming Lips sang "Christmas at the zoo" in 1995, while Stina Nordenstam whispered "Soon after Christmas" in 1991.
Uh... and there's intense "She came home for Christmas" by Mew and soft and dreamy "Christmas song" by Mogwai (taken from their 1999 "EP").
Since Christmas usually pushes me into gloomy thoughts and forces me to ingage in a review of the past year (and of my entire life, too), I desperately need a gift to cheer me up a bit.
I choose "Merry Xmas" by Marlene Kuntz, essential and crucial italian indie band of the 90s (I will surely write a post about them).

In late, merry Christmas and happy New Year everybody.

Marlene Kuntz - Merry Xmas (1994)

(here are some lyrics:
"talk to me, please, don't go, no!
I think I can't stand them..."

"I'm here, with my heart in my mouth and it's about Christmas.
But all those people there... i'd rather stay here")


  1. i loooove that mew song, it's so damn good!

  2. here's a spotify playlist with the songs you wrote about that i could find, plus my new year songs. :)