Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seattle, anyone?

As everyone knows, there was a time when "Seattle" was the most spoken word in the world, even more than "Tetris", "Gangsta", and "Winona Ryder". It seemed like the city formerly famous for Hendrix and for the first revolving restaurant ever could have spawned cool bands... endlessly; and even though a grunge scene (in my opionion) actually never existed and bands were so different from each other, the impression was of a... family, where bigger names (do I really have to list Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc...?) devotedly used to mention their (musically talking) brothers / fathers in interviews, and to involve them in side projects or simply invite them on stage. Sort of.
That's why you could have the lucky chance to get to know Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, Green River, Melvins, Meat Puppets, etc, you would have otherwise ignored.
Among the bands who savoured the flavour of popularity only from a distance there's Love Battery. As Wikipedia sumptuously sums, they blend "intense swirling psychedelic guitar work, pulsating rhythms, driving beats and heartfelt vocals". I totally agree (and now I know how to use the verb "to swirl"), and their 1992 "Dayglo" is a stunning proof, so marvellously dense.
Guiltily underrated band (this is a formula I'm going to use frequently in this blog...).

(Wikipedia tells they derived their sound "from '60s garage/psych, '70s punk rock, '80s post punk and '90s grunge". In this song there's something else, too... UK shoegaze perhaps?)

Love Battery - Out of focus (1992)

LOVE BATTERY ---Out Of Focus
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  1. love love love love.

    i re-watched the movie "singles" a while ago and it took me back. i should actually write a post about that! :)