Thursday, September 1, 2011

In the right mood for mud: English Festivals

"September is here again", sang eternal David Sylvian in 1987.
Glastonbury Festival set June to fire, and Reading (and Leeds) Festival unplugged its plugs last Sunday night.
Therefore even this year I've not gone to any of the two most suggestive and symbolic festival ever (to me).
I still go to concerts and I'm happy to necessarily take planes to reach the venue; I went to festivals, got soaked with rain, beer and sweat (mine and others'), longed for a real toilet, yet enjoyed the experience thoroughly.
But, I feel there's a kind of... void anyway.
I've been planning to squeeze myself into the crowd of one of the two UK festivals since I first handled a precious copy of New Musical Express and read epic reviews of epic concerts, some 20 years ago.
Postponing after postponing I'm here, 36 and counting, and progressively less eager to share an ocean of mud with 50.000 people. Especially when you get Beyoncè (Glasto) or My Chemical Romance (Reading) as headliners (I mean, I've nothing against them, I even like them, but it's definitely not my cup of tea).
since this blog is meant to talk about 90s, here's something from the poster above:

Manic Street Preachers* - Revol (1994)

*: when they were still cool

Suede** - Metal Mickey (1992)

**: everlastingly cool

The Cardigans*** - Sick and tired (1994)

***: jewel of a song, jewel of an album.