Monday, January 10, 2011

Aging rockers

A few days ago we rented "The rocker", a 2008 movie starring Rainn Wilson, Christina Applegate and many others (quite unknown here in Italy. Jane Lynch aside, probably, thanks to her role as the evil gym teacher Sue Sylvester in "Glee" ). It deals with... er... never giving up on following your dreams to become a rockstar?
(mm... am I totally sure I didn't watch "Camp Rock", instead?)
If you haven't seen it yet, here is some spoiler: drummer is dumped by the band he founded, Vesuvius, a jiffy before they make it big. About twenty years after he joins a band of teenagers called A.D.D., leading them to stardom, and finally gets his revenge on Vesuvius (culminating in an epic clash on stage).
Uh, two members of Vesuvius are Bradley Cooper and Will Arnett (aka Gob in "Arrested development". The series, not the rural-rap combo); something more than a cameo, but their Izzy Stradlin meets Nikki Sixx meets Miley Cyrus outfits are marvellous.
Honestly funny comedy. Seen far worse movies than this one.
I wouldn't dare to put "The rocker" in my "movies that changed my life" list at all, and the music A.D.D. play is something halfway between the Snow Patrol and Kelly Clarkson, but... how I miss playing in a band (I had one in the 90s, you know)!! And how I miss the days when being skinny (in a Damon Albarn-ish way) and able to play some chords was (almost) everything you needed (yes, I have some problem with accepting my current weight).
Even though the message was delivered through a careless comedy, it lead me into thoughts about aging and teenage dreams and... playing music naked, of course.
And so, in my list of resolutions for 2011 I officially squeeze: "play again on stage with a band; an entire own song at least".
Since the singer of A.D.D.* resembles Ash's Tim Wheeler to me and since we (my 90s band) used to pluck their "Girl from Mars" during soundchecks, here you are:

Ash - Girl from Mars (1996)

* as I just learned from Wikipedia, Teddy Geiger is "an American singer-songwriter and occasional actor", basically unknown here in Italy. I apologize to his fans and parents for not recognizing him.

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