Monday, December 20, 2010

Crumbs - Crumb # 1

Crumb #1: "Oh, Connie! I've found the door" by Chainsaw kittens

A day like any other in the early 90s:
You are there, in your indie bedroom, walls filled with cut-out pages of indie bands with uncool haircuts, tickets and flyers from gigs you attended, and a poster of a recently born indie festival (Lollapalooza, anyone?) you won't ever manage to go to.
You are totally absorebed in reading your favourite indie magazine while munching on a slice of ordinary pizza (with some indie toppings, though).
You're listening to your favourite radio program, the one and only that plays not mainstream stuff, and you just missed what the dj said in introducing the song.
A song you immediately love.
You try to jot the lyrics down on the first piece of paper you grab, but you miserably fail, because you're Italian and your English is crap. The dj's English is even worse than yours, since he can't spell the "th" sound properly and forgets to pronounce all the "h" and "s".
"Hell is in chain"?... did he say "The Breathers"??... do they really sing "I wanna be a door"?? what the...
It did happen lots of time to me. And there was no Wikipedia to help me out.
This is the reason why I had been collecting memories of songs I listened to / videos I saw just once, by artists whose careers I basically ignore.
So goes the title of this column: "Crumbs", just crumbs from the 90s, nothing else.

Crumb #1
God bless youtube! I only remembered part of the chorus; wrote "found the door" and...

Chainsaw kittens - "Oh, Connie! I've found the door" (1992)

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