Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winona, Winona and Wynona

Undoubtedly, when you think about Winona Ryder your mind can't help focusing on 90s.
Because it's in everything she evokes (evoked): it was in her haircut, in the way she nodded her head, in the position of the camera that made it look like she was less tall than you and she was watching you like a scoutgirl at your front door on a mission to sell as many biscuits as possible (*gasp*, forgot to breathe!..), it's in "Reality bites" as well as in "Edward Scissorhands" (and in her lovestory with Johnny Depp), it's in the way she dressed, it's in her bewildered fawn glance.
(however... er... she always left me unimpressed; my younger sister, instead, was definitely a "winonian")
This clueless post would like to... celebrate Winona Ryder through three classic (to me) 90s videos that simply bear "Winona" in their title or... feature Winona lip-synching.

We start with gross "Wynona's big brown beaver" by Primus* (although leader Les Claypool always denied any reference with the girl from Minnesota).
Second video is "Talk about the Blues" by superb Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Winona sings, Giovanni Ribisi plays guitar, and John C. Reilly is on drums.
Third video is "Winona", by guiltily underrated Drop Nineteens: intense Uk-style shoegaze made in Boston. And that's my favourite by far of the bunch.

(*I hated Primus. It'not (only) their fault. I'll write a post about it)

Primus - Wynona's big brown beaver (1995)

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Talk about the Blues (1998)

Drop Nineteens - Winona (1992)

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