Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PJ Harvey, a girl from England

Tomorrow... no, today, early morning, I'm going to take a plane from Sardinia (Italy; it's the large island on the left, for those who have not been taught geography properly) to Ferrara (centre-north of Italy). And in the evening I'll be there, again a few meters from my love of a life time, Polly Jean Harvey.
Since I'm in a hurry (wake up time is within... 3 hours), and since this blog is all about 90s, here's one of the very few songs taken from PJ's 90s albums she's going to play in Ferrara.
I think I'll write and upload something about the concert anyway, next week.

(suggestion: go to Youtube and search PJ Harvey and "Let England shake"; there's no official TV-friendly video at all. But you'll find 12 short documentaries, the size of a song. 12 songs on "Let England shake", 12 videos about England, its colors and shapes and humanscapes, about english people, their eyes and hands, their past and present, hopes and disillusions and memories, the story of a nation through images of daily simple life)

PJ Harvey - The sky lit up (1998) tour 2011

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