Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's 90s g(r)eeks!

Slowdive - Souvlaki (1993)

Just came back from a trip to the island of Rhodes, Greece (suffice it to say: you do have to visit that place!).
After strolling along the windy alleys of the Old City for a few minutes, you immediately realize that you've been surrounded by... menus! They are everywhere, trying to enchant the unwary tourist from a restaurant window, or triumphally invading the (narrow) streets in form of a 2x1 metre board, or lasciviously offering their goodies to your hungry eyes from an unsteady lectern.
And all of them promise nothing but one thing: authentic, real, genuine greek food.
And in a whiff you feel comfortable with words like "dolmades", "gyros", "moussaka" (and "tzatziki") and, of course, "souvlaki".
But... could have a 90s geek like me simply eaten that delicious thing without thinking about Slowdive?
This post is for the cold-hearted readers out there who don't know that "Souvlaki" is, also, the 1993 masterpiece by essential Slowdive (and for all the people who thinks that their 90s would have been poorer without that band and that album).

file under: shoegazing, My Bloody Valentine without distortions, music to float to, thank God there had been Creation Records, oh my! Rachel Goswell turned 40 last month.

Slowdive - Alison

Slowdive - Souvlaki Space station

Slowdive - When the sun hits

Slowdive - Machine gun

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