Friday, June 17, 2011

How to disappear. Not completely

Hello again.
To the millions of (silent, apparently) readers of this blog out there... sorry for disappearing again.
I promise it won't happen any more.
I offer you Lush's "500 (shake baby shake)" as an apology.
There's an alternate video for this song, and it's definitely sooo 90s: a kind of summary of 90s videos mood, something resembling Stone Temple Pilots' "Creep" meets Garbage's "Stupid girl" meets Whale's "Hobo humpin slobo babe" meets Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet with butterfly wings".
Pretty cool indeed.
But tonight I prefer version #1. An image for "carefree happyness"? Miki (Berenyi) singing and nodding her head in time while driving a 500 (yes, "500" is that tiny car's model, symbol of Italy's history and culture. My family owned two of them when I was a kid!).
(Now go and buy "Lovelife"!)

Lush - 500 (shake baby shake) (1996)

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