Tuesday, February 22, 2011

throwing muses et. al.

there are three ladies that go together in the american indie musical landscape of the 90s; kristin hersh, tanya donelly and kim deal. all of them also go together with my favorite label, 4AD.

the first of them, kristin hersh, formed throwing muses in the early 80s (in her early teens). in the line-up were her stepsister, the second of the ladies, tanya donelly. they were signed by 4AD in '86. in '91 their 4th and pure fantastic album the real ramona was released, after which tanya donelly left the band. by then donelly had already started a side project with kim deal (of pixies) called the breeders. later that year, 1991, she also formed belly, one of my absolute favorite bands. more about them in a later post.

a few year later kristin hersh also started to release solo albums, something she's continued to do. she also formed 50 foot wave in 2003.

here's throwing muses "not too soon" off of the real ramona. love it!

also, here's "bright yellow gun" from album university from '95. (no real video)

also, "your ghost" from hersh's first solo album hips and makers. interesting note: michael stipe sings backgrund vocals here.


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  2. (er... "them" is The Throwing Muses, for the record)

  3. (oops! I accidentally deleted my post! here it is again)

    I saw them live at London Astoria (2003? 2004?), by chance.
    A friend of the friend who put me up for a week had one ticket too many, and so...
    The gig was amazing, the audience totally mesmerized.
    I really wish I have known more songs of theirs, that night.

  4. cool! sadly, i've never seen them live.