Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, my lover!

The first time we met was in 1992, and it was true love at first sight.
And we've never parted since then.
I can say I somehow grew with her. I couldn't imagine my 90s (and my 00s) without her fierce glance and her ruby lips (and her smile often turning into a grin); I loved and still love the way she looks so real whether she shouts out her power and majesty in a fake leopard-skin coat or she drags you in the darkest corners of her heart with a shivering falsetto, dressed like a contemporary Emily Bronte.
She is PJ Harvey, and today, 14th of February, her new album "Let England shake" is out.
If this blog survives, I'm going to write much more about her; so, for now, to salute her new work, celebrate Valentine's Day (do we really need it? No, of course) and give a hint of what took place yesterday here in Italy , here's "Mansize".

I'm coming up man-sized
skinned alive

I want to fit

I've got to get


I'm heading on


Got my leather boots on

PJ Harvey - Mansize (1993)

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