Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh, yes! Bright Eyes is Nebraskan!

"What about 90s music from Nebraska?"
That's what I was thinking about yesterday morning, while putting the finishing touch to the "Nebraska" panel.
Because I have this artsy-fartsy project going on (one of the many; most of them pointless and indefinite): simply, I cut out Google Earth aerial views, then I combine them together through collage techniques (on PC).
I suppose millions of PC / interent users have done it alreay before.
Anyway... I've completed only one of the 4 (digital) patchworks / panels that will compose the work, so far (work that, when finished, will adorn that sad and white wall of my living-room).
This panel's called "Nebraska", because all the patches pertain to Fred Astaire's, Hillary Swank's and Marlon Brando's home state.
Getting back to the point: a quick search on Wikipedia revealed that Conor Oberst, Bright Eyes deus ex machina, was born in Omaha, Nebraska's biggest city. I've always seen him as something from the 00's on (I came across Bright Eyes only in 2000, when "Fevers and mirrors" came out), but I just finished listening to 1998 "Letting off the happiness" and it's great!
And there's a track on it that smells like 90s. Like Sparklehorse on a shoegaze trip (with intriguing female backing vocals).

PS: unforgotten Elliott Smith was born in Omaha, too. But he was kind of "adopted" by Portland, Oregon.

Bright eyes - pull my hair (1998)

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  1. awesome picture! also, lovely song. thank you for reminding me of that album, i should listen to it more often. :)