Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reissues: "Deserter's songs" by Mercury Rev

Mercury Rev - Goddess on a highway (1998)

For those cold hearted people out there who have never listened to Mercury Rev, this is your chance to make up for this shameful lack.
As Pitchfork reports, the "upstate New York orchestral rockers" reissued fundamental 1998 "Deserter's songs" two weeks ago, their most famous and critically acclaimed album, and everyone's favourite.
The (according to NME) "best album of 1998" features all the elements that have been defining Mercury Rev's peculiar sound since "See you on the other side" (1995): "shimmering psychedelic pop, immersive indie-rock, spectacularly engrossing passages of sumptuous instrumentation"*. Mine definition could be... uhm... "evocative orchestral astro dreamy pop with falsettos"??
Rate your music filed it under "Chamber Pop, Indie Pop, Neo-Psychedelia, Dream Pop, Psychedelic Pop".
I've always loved music genre categories...
I strongly suggest you to provide a copy of this gem, and to listen to it over and over, until your heart and blood are warm again.

(*: by Mike Diver for BBC.co.uk. Full review here)

Mercury Rev - Opus 40 (1998)

Mercury Rev - Holes (1998)

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  1. oh god. i LOVE that first song. thank you for reminding me! i'm so happy for including you in this project :)