Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not only flannel

Hello there!
I'm Sergio, I’m still stuck in the 90s, my heart’s age still ends with “-teen”, and this is my first post here.
I would have liked to write a flamboyant introduction to it, about what it felt like to live in the 90s and live the 90s.
But even if my English was less crap than it actually is, I wouldn't make it anyway.
Because to define the 90s is not as easy as MTV specials like "So 90s" would have us believe.
You should have been there to thoroughly comprehend it (but I think it’s the same answer you’d get if you asked your dad “how did it feel living in the 60s?”. To each his decade).
It’s not just Vanilla Ice, Meg Ryan’s haircut “French kiss” era, checked flannel shirts, Jeremy speaking in class today, thinking that nothing was cooler than Windows 95 interface, girls trying to look like Winona, Mc Hammer’s trousers or Brenda Walsh’s embarassing bluejeans.
No, no and no.

Let’s start with something carefreely brilliantly pop!
You don't know The Bluetones?
Shame, shame on you!

The Bluetones - Slight return (1995)

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  1. awesome. i remember bluetones, though i never listened to them myself, i had a friend who were mad for them, and we saw them at a hultsfred festival one year. could it have been 96 maybe?