Saturday, October 30, 2010


so, the fantastic liz phair just released a new album. joy! it's called funstyle. the best thing about it is that it's something of a self-release. the tone of the album is personal and fun, almost goofy. closer to her early stuff than the last few produced albums. here is a review.

i ordered it the other day and got a t-shirt and the downloads with it. i love small scale independent!

if you've never heard or heard of liz phair i recommend you grab her debut exile in guyville from 93 and give it a few turns in the cd-player or put it on repeat. after that you should listen to whitechocolatespaceegg at least once. when you know what you're dealing with, come back for more. i hope you're not shy or prudish.

liz phair is fantasic.

never said (from exile in guyville)

whip-smart (from whip-smart)

polyester bride (from whitechocolatespaceegg)

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