Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crumbs - Crumb #3

Crumb #3: "Fake fur" by Urusei Yatsura

Uuhh.. that's what I call a "crumb" (for the correct definition of "crumb", see this post)!
I've totally forgotten (about) both song and band.

Premise is needed:
if you own a Facebook profile or, in general, are used to hang out at forums, you've most likely noticed that lots of italian (males as well as females) users' avatars are japanese (TV) cartoon characters, the most part coming from the late 70s and 80s.
All of us Italians, 30-heading-for-40 something, were raised up with, no... thanks to japanese TV cartoons.
Even my 67 y.o. father still remembers characters, themes song / opening themes from lots of them.
Try to google "cartoni animati giapponesi": a new world will open itself before your eyes.

A few days ago, while taking advantage of my fake FB profile to take a peek at other people's life, I noticed that a (male) friend of mine chose an image of Lamù as his avatar.
Among utterly forgettable comments I happened to read the original japanese name (I somehow forgot) of the series: Urusei Yatsura.
And suddenly... poof! my mind went immediately back to this scottish combo, and the only one song of theirs I knew.
And so.. here it goes:

Urusei Yatsura - Fake fur (1997)

and... er... this is the italian version's opening theme

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